Final Programme

Thursday 29th September

13:40-14:00 Registration
14:00-14:20 Opening
Degree Hall
14:20-16:00 Session 1
Degree Hall
Esteban Fernandez Vazquez: A Generalized Cross Entropy formulation for matrix balancing with both positive and negative entries
Jose Manuel Rueda Cantuche: The SUT-EURO and the SUT-RAS methods: extensions and fair comparisons
Antonio F. Amores: Methodology to estimate PYP EU/EA SUTs under ESA2010 consistent with PYP National Accounts main aggregates
Xesús Pereira López: Power method applied to supply and use tables
Umed Temurshoev: Uncertainty treatment in input-output analysis
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
16:30-18:10 Session 2
Degree Hall
Fabio Monsalve: Is the Emperor naked? Tracking the social sustainability of EU 2007-2013 Financial Framework
Mª Victoria Román: Análisis ex-post de los efectos macroeconómicos del comercio en América del Norte entre 1995 y 2009.
Cristina Ruiz del Río: Impacto económico de la renta social básica. Cantabria 2011-2015
Luis Enrique Pedauga: Characterization of the Spanish Economy based upon Sector linkages: IO, SAM and FSAM Multipliers
Rafael César Bouchain Galicia: A Dynamic Input-Output Model for the Mexican Economy
18:10-19:30 Keynote
Degree Hall
Geoffrey Hemings: Temporal Disaggregation in Input-output Systems: Modeling Unexpected Events
21:00-23:00 Dinner
Restaurant Kovac (1st Buenos Aires st. 48001 Bilbao)

Friday 30th September

9:30-10:00 SHAIO Assembley
10:00-11:40 Session 3
Degree Hall
Guadalupe Arce González: Who drives climate change? The relevance of extreme inequality
María Ángeles Tobarra Gómez: CO2 Diet emissions projections: Will we become greener or just older?
Arkaitz Usubiaga Liaño: The environmental foodprint of EU28 and potential environmental savings through food waste reductions
Sergio Álvarez: Social, economic and environmental assessment of the uses and management in Riaño reservoir (Leon, Spain)
Blanca Corona Bellostas: Multiregional Input Output analysis applied to an innovative configuration of solar power technology
11:40-12:00 Coffee Break
12:00-14:00 Session 4
Degree Hall
Mónica Serrano Gutiérrez: Inequalities and household carbon footprints: the allocation of emissions embodied in investment
Luis Antonio López: What happens if we treat commuting as intermediate consumption?
Sofía Jiménez: Growth, R&D expenditure and spillover effects: An input-output approach
Rocío Román Colado: Análisis de descomposición estructural del consumo de energía en Chile
Raquel Langarita: A CGE model for Spain focusing on the electricity sector
Emilio Padilla Rosa: Emisiones de CO2 de la construcción en España: análisis y descomposición mediante subsistemas input-output
14:00-14:15 Closing
Degree Hall